Highest Qualifier

Crusher Bucks

Crusher Lures is excited to announce its Crusher Bucks program! Crusher Lures will award cash prizes to Crusher Bucks Members who are the highest qualifying finishers of a sanctioned event. 

Membership cost is $24.95 

Includes 1 Crusher Hat, 1 Logo Decal, lure pack. opportunity to win ! 





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WIN !!!!!

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Crusher Bucks Membership 

Start Winning ! 

Membership includes, 1 Crusher Hat, 1 logo decals, lure pack.


WIN !!!!!

WIN !!!!!

WIN !!!!!

Crusher Bucks Pay Out 

$100.00 to highest finisher in Top 10

$ 50.00 to highest finisher in Top 25

( If no member is in Top 10) 



Program Dates

Crusher Bucks program will begin October 1st 2019 and run till September 30th 2020

Eligible Participants

Any anglers fishing in the team , individual or pro division of a qualified tournament who has purchased a Crusher Bucks membership. 

In team events , if both anglers are members of the Program, only ONE(1) award will be paid per the team. 

To be eligible, anglers must purchase a membership thru the Crusher online store. Payment for the membership must be made prior to the event. 

Qualifying Tournament

Qualifying Tournaments are only the events Listed on the Qualified Tournament List. To be eligible the event must have a minimum of 50 boats. Determination of events is solely the discretion of Crusher Lures .

Participation Guidelines

Crusher Bucks members must register in advance to receive program awards.

Crusher Decal must be visable on boat, or vehicle. Crusher Logo must be worn on tournament jersey.  A Crusher Cap may also be worn. Crusher Reserves the right to request photo evidence .

 Each Member waives the requirement of Title 39, USCA Chapter 30, Section 3017 relating to the members rights to be excluded from tournament promotion lists. All other applicable federal, state , local, and tournament laws must be followed. 

Claim Process

You may print form or submit online ( preferred method ) 

Submission of Claim form must be made no later than 30 days after conclusion of the event. Claim forms postmarked or emailed after 30 days of the event are void. Claim form must include , the official Crusher Bucks Claim Form. Validation of the claim will be made by Crusher Lures using Official Tournament Results. Allow 4 - 6 weeks for approval and processing.  The winning participant is solely responsible for submitting the claim form to :

Crusher Lures

C/O Crusher Bucks 

779 County Road 55

Clanton, AL 35046

All taxes , are the sole responsibility of the member. 

Please Submit any questions to

All Federal , State and local laws must be obeyed. Your purchase of the membership will constitute certification that the member has read and understands and agrees to abide by terms of the program. 

All members are expected to follow high standards of sportsmanship, courtesy, safety and conservation. Any member who displays poor sportsmanship, or violates tournament rules. state or federal laws shall be disqualified. Any member bringing unfavorable publicity to the sport of bass fishing will be disqualified. 

Crusher Lures reserves the right to modify the cash program at is discretion at any time. Crusher Lures also reserves the right to deny participation to any angler of their choosing. 

Sanctioned Tournament List

Alabama Bass Trail Open, Lay Lake , Nov 9, 2019

Alabama Bass Trail Tournament Series North Division

Alabama Bass Trail Tournament Series South Divison 

Alabama Bass Trail Championship

B.A.S.S. Opens 

SBFT Black Friday Beat Down , Lay Lake , Nov 29,2019

Team Coosa River Tournament Series

Pride of the South Tournament Series 

Xtreme Bass Challenge (Alabama) 

Sylacauga Marine Big Bucks Bass Trail 

To request consideration for your event, please email us at


*Crusher Lures claims no affiliation with these events other than Qualifing for Crusher Bucks Program. 





Only use form below to submit a claim . To enroll in membership, please  visit our online store and select CRUSHER BUCKS MEMBERSHIP.